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Instant full stack

Postgres database

Backend API

JWT Auth

Next.js frontend

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Instant backend

Build your backend in minutes with only natural language. No code or infrastructure required, just an idea.

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Just add pages

Your Next.js frontend is ready to go with all the scaffolding and hooks you need, including auth. Just add pages and styling.

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Ideal integrations

Your frontend is automatically created in your GitHub account. Link your Vercel account to go live in seconds.


How much does it cost?

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Backengine is free for a 14 day trial period.

After the trial the cost is $30/month.

How extensible is it? Can I leave?

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Your Backengine project is built around a managed Postgres database. If you like, you can connect directly to this database and do whatever you want with it.

We can also transfer ownership of your cloud resources directly to you. These exist on AWS and Supabase, so you would need your own account with these services.

Your frontend lives in your own GitHub account so you can easily make any changes you like or deploy it with another service.

When can I use it?

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Right now we are only accepting a very small number of beta users. If you'd like early access, leave your email above and maybe drop us a line about what you'd like to build with Backengine.

If you can get a referral to us, that usually helps too.

What can I build with Backengine?

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Anything you could normally build with code. You have direct access to a managed database in case you need to create your own external services and total control over your frontend.

Backengine works best for CRUD style applications - internal tools, social apps, SaaS products, side projects etc.

However, for even the most complex projects, it usually makes sense to let Backengine handle the majority of your stack.

Can I use Backengine on my existing stack?

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We're in the early stages of building this feature. Drop us a line if you'd like to try it out.